Having dealt with any number of families in my years of experience, there is one constant. This is what my staff affectionately calls “The Momma Syndrome”.

These are calls we get where we have a very upset Mom on the phone that their child has been arrested and are in a complete panic. The child does not necessarily have to be a minor, because a Parent, no matter how old their children are, will do whatever it takes to protect them.

The Biggest Mistake we often see when a parent will borrow money from relatives, sell their possessions etc, and rush to pay a Bail Bondsman whatever it takes to Bail their child out of jail. It is very emotionally taxing to hear your loved one crying over the phone to get them out of there (jail). But be strong. This is a huge mistake for many reasons. Bear in mind that depending on the type of charge, the Bail Bonding Agency could demand collateral in excess of the Bail. Many parents have lost their homes because they posted Bail for their family member who did not show up to court.

Unless money is not an issue in your family, what normally happens is this:

The child (remember this does not necessarily mean a minor) gets arrested. Parents then borrow from everyone the conceivably can to bail the child out of jail. Because all the resources have been spent on bailing the child out of jail, then child is then appointed a Public Defender to defend the case.

Public Defenders are some of the most overworked and underpaid attorneys around.
Each office receives hundreds of new cases daily with a minimal amount of staff. If anyone is under the impression that their case will receive the attention it deserves while utilizing the services of the Public Defender they are sadly mistaken. Justice is not free. You can utilize the services of the Public Defender’s Office and get a bill in the mail.

I am not saying there are not some very good Public Defenders. What I am saying is that their work load is extraordinary.

It becomes a big circle. Momma desperately does everything she can to get her kid out of jail, ends up with a Public Defender, and kid ends up back in jail.

Don’t make this common mistake. Contact an attorney immediately who can tell you what your best course of action is.